Moving the needle on sustainable development

Measuring and maximizing your university’s contributions

Ryan Fry
Senior Analyst, the Institute for Scientific Information
Rachel Mangan
Solution Specialist
Mr. Patrick Devos
Université de Lille

With only eight years left to meet the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, stakeholders across the research community increasingly need to demonstrate progress toward goals. While economic and health data are useful to assess real-world outcomes at the global and national level, it can be challenging for universities to understand how their research contributes or how to steer research programs to maximize opportunities in the limited window left to contribute toward the 2030 goals.

In this webinar, Clarivate experts are joined by Patrick Devos (Universite de Lille) to share insights into the SDG research landscape and provide an overview of methodologies that currently exist to map research publications to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Topics covered:
– Which gaps currently exist in the SDG research landscape
– State of the art approaches for mapping publications data to SDGs with examples from Patrick Devos, Universite de Lille
– How your institution can easily measure contributions to the SDGs and identify areas to maximize investment and impact before the 2030 deadline