More data strengthens benchmarking and research focus

"Objective third party data and analytics is critical for the Research Planning Office to identify strengths and draft plans for cutting edge research. InCites™ provides actionable insights for these purposes." – Dr. Hendrix Tanoto, Research Planning Office Director at IMRE.

As a material focused institution, IMRE needs to objectively showcase its impact in basic research and potential downstream applications. This enables IMRE to attract funding, collaborators and the needed talent to achieve its vision of becoming a global leader in materials innovation.

IMRE chose InCites™ Benchmarking and Analytics, a customised, web-based research evaluation tool that helps organizations assess and develop research strategies.

In this case study, IMRE highlights how using InCites™ enables them to:
–  Identify strengths and gaps in its current areas of research focus and objectively compare its performance against other institutes around the world.

–  Analyse areas of research activity and impact and use the data to aid decision-making on domains to focus on. Also, identifying potential new areas of focus for future research and set the stage for new programs.

–  Enhance funding and collaboration opportunities due to affirmation of its research standing globally with 3rd party objective analytics.