Modern Patent Research: Capitalizing on Information Across Your Organization

Debra Banville
Tech and Business Intelligence Analyst
Benoit Sollie
Senior Scientific Information Specialist
Gene Quinn
President & CEO
Vashe Kanesarajah
Head of Strategic Development
Clarivate Intellectual Property Group

The evolving global innovation landscape is reshaping the very nature of patent intelligence as we know it. Multiple forces – some predictable and some unforeseen yet disruptive innovation brought about by global events – are increasingly raising complex business questions.

Is your organization prepared? While many have tapped into the power of artificial intelligence systems, others continue to engage in practice models circa 1990.

In this webinar you’ll hear our experts cover what should be considered to adapt traditional models to modern informational best practices.

As robust self-service quickly becomes the order of the day for information of all kinds—including IP—it requires not only that in-house patent professionals and researchers adapt, but also places new demands on organizations as a whole regardless of size.

Recent research indicates that unlocking the full transformative value of patent research is tied to a company’s ability to leverage information into success. Topics discussed during the webinar are how top-performing organizations with sophisticated patent research capabilities enable:

  • Deep functional expertise
  • Identify strategic partnerships
  • Create clear organizing principles for R&D talent