Measuring Brand Protection Excellence – Exploring the Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands

Robert Reading
Head of Content Strategy, Intellectual Property Group

Brands are the public face of a company, product or service. Not only do they allow consumers to identify the source and gives consumers the confidence to buy from brand owners, it also allows owners to price their product or service in line with consumers’ perceived value.

Clarivate is in a unique position to use data – not subjectivity – to measure how well a brand is protected. The first-ever Top 100 Best Protected Brands Report was recenty published so that brand owners will be able to see how they rank amongst their peers according to Clarivate Trademark Strength Index.

In conjunction with this year’s IP Week @ SG 2021, Robert Reading, Head of Content Strategy, Intellectual Property Group at Clarivate will elaborate more about the insights and share what you can do to build equal success when establishing your own commercial identity.