On-demand Webinar

Making it count: Research credit management in a collaborative world

Ludo Waltman
Leiden University
Jonathan Adams
Chief Scientist
The Institute for Scientific Information
Ross Potter
Senior Data Analyst
The Institute for Scientific Information

It is essential that researchers receive proper recognition for the work they deliver. However, the continued rise in collaboration and multi-author papers makes it difficult for research managers, institutions, and policy analysts to allocate credit, and no formally correct method exists. Understanding the available approaches and their characteristics is essential knowledge for research managers in a period when international collaboration is becoming a dominant feature of global research.

In this webinar, experts who have contributed to the development of indicators of research credit discuss the merits and limitations of the methods most used today and present a new method that accounts for domestic versus international collaboration.

Topics covered:

  • How global research networks, and bibliometric approaches to measure them, have evolved over time
  • The benefits and drawbacks of current methods that leading research groups use to apportion credit by author, institution and country
  • How ‘Collaborative CNCI’ (Collab-CNCI), a new method that deconstructs credit by collaboration type, complements existing methods to improve interpretation and support decision-making