A look ahead: Medical aesthetics market recovery in 2021 and beyond

By Sana Siddiqui Syed, Principal Medtech Consulting; Raghav Tangri, Principal Analyst; Meenu Sankar, Analyst; April Chan-Tsui, Director Medtech Insights; Attusa Kamruddin Chikodi Senior, Analyst; Samantha Chow, Analyst

Prior to COVID-19, the global aesthetic market was rapidly growing

The global aesthetic market was valued at ~USD 12 billion in 2019 with growth of ~8% Y-o-Y over 2018

Note: Our global coverage includes US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America only

Aesthetic firms initially reported among the steepest COVID-19 declines across medtech, however the market is now showing a swift rebound.

  • In late Q1 and Q2, most aesthetic associations globally recommended postponing elective procedures, such as aesthetic procedures
  • The loosening of these restrictions in late Q2 to early Q3, the increasing focus on self-care, and increasing virtual interactions led most patients to resume aesthetic treatments, particularly maintenance procedures, thus driving robust recovery