IP management systems and collaboration: how to digitally manage your IP

(October 26, 2021)

Stefano Mazzei
Solutions Consultant
Ahlem Karray
Solutions Consultant

IP environment always gets more complex, articulate and cross-functional. To maintain optimal processes and quality of client outputs, IP departments need to strengthen their digital capabilities. Compared to other business functions like Finance or HR, the IP department tends to lag when it comes to more digital-centric processes.

Join us as we explore what a modern IP management approach looks like and how to leverage software and data sources to better support a shift to secure, flexible working IP teams.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders directly and efficiently, to reduce manual data entry and email exchange
  • Empowering your team with the right tools and data at the right time to manage your IP portfolio in alignment with your business strategy
  • Leveraging automation to increase productivity, reducing labor intensive, repetitive IP management tasks
  • Supplementing internal data with external IP data streams to support better decision making
  • A case study from GoPro on how upgrading to a modern portfolio management enabled GoPro to tackle the IP future