Clarivate IP Landscaping

How insights from Patent Intelligence can drive competitive advantage

Nicholas Solomon
Regional Solution Consultant

An exciting Innovation field which captured the public imagination are Electric vehicles (EVs). Although they make up only a small fraction of global car sales today, the potential is huge and by 2040, they are predicted to account for more than half. Innovation is key to driving growth and competitive advantage in any industry, perhaps even more so for EVs and indeed sustainable transportation, as sustainability has become a strategic imperative for companies, both big and small. It is more important than ever before that IP sits at the heart of business and innovation strategies.

In this webinar, we will touch upon the recent “The road ahead: Sustainable vehicles today and in the future” report and the various tools, metrics and analytics available for clients to utilise in order to gain the insight to help drive their businesses.

The webinar will explore:

  • EVs’ innovation activity on an upward trajectory since the turn of the new millennium.
  • Governments’ role and the wide-ranging policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Where the ideas and intellectual property assets are being produced, geographically.
  • How well-protected brands in the automotive industry tend to be on the leading edge of security, brand protection and digital commercialisation.
  • The potential of EV related technologies and the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • A look at the Australia and New Zealand originating IP space directed toward EV’s.