IP decisions are strategy decisions: Maximizing the value of IP for better business results

As IP intelligence, market intelligence, IP decisions, and business strategy grow more intertwined, the role of the IP strategist continues to evolve. Success in this role now requires harnessing millions of data points, capturing the insights of subject matter experts across many different functions, making decisions that align with the overall business strategy, and effectively communicating those decisions to key stakeholders and business leaders.

This white paper was created to support IP teams considering how to approach key IP decisions to meet these new demands. Included in this white paper, you’ll find:

  • Tactics for overcoming many of the challenges that hold IP teams back
  • An in-depth analysis of the key factors leading IP teams embrace when making IP decisions that deliver business results
  • Best practices for unlocking exceptional outcomes for key decision points across the idea lifecycle
  • A framework for optimizing your portfolio management efforts
  • A guided assessment to help IP teams identify opportunities to improve their current approach