On-demand Webinar

Identifying talent to drive institutional success

Identify the right talent to inform strategic planning and drive institutional competitiveness

Kevin Fomalont

In today’s interconnected world, science is a team sport. As the size of the scientific research community continues to grow, researchers strive to accelerate the discovery process and address complex research questions in a competitive environment. But alongside many benefits, the increasingly interdisciplinary and geographically dispersed collaboration networks that power modern research pose new challenges for research managers and university leaders looking to recruit and develop talent.

Without a well-defined approach to talent identification, decision-makers risk missing opportunities to identify “rising star” investigators and rapidly growing fields of research that best correspond to their institution’s vision for the future. In this webinar, Clarivate’s expert consultant will discuss novel approaches to talent identification and share best practices drawn from work with clients across academia and government.

In this webinar, our expert consultant Kevin Fomalont discusses:

  • How universities and research funders are using research analytics to improve their recruiting processes
  • How keyword analysis and topic modeling combined with bibliometric indicators can provide you with a detailed picture of the current grant and research landscape
  • How our multi-faceted approach informs strategic planning to support impactful research