Identifying gaps in the AI hardware patent landscape to grow market share

Understand the patent landscape to find potential partners, assess risk, or identify opportunities for new innovation

Organizations spend a lot of time, money, and resources developing new AI hardware products. To be competitive, identify new opportunities, and avoid infringing on a competitor’s intellectual property, these companies need an in-depth view of the entire AI hardware landscape.

This white paper highlights the importance of having visibility into the patent landscape of AI hardware. With a comprehensive patent landscape, R&D and IP leaders are able to make high confidence decisions for navigating fast-moving, emerging technologies.

This report will allow you to:
• Understand what is already available with existing hardware, including computing hardware for accelerating AI
• Determine how AI hardware is being applied in the marketplace
• Identify the top players in AI hardware development
• Identify how AI hardware is evolving and where new development is focused