How to Optimize Your Innovation Think Tank

Duration: 20 minutes

Jonathan Beaty
Technical Solution Consultant – IP Intelligence

Through human ingenuity, your Think Tank influences decisions and policies that change the world. As its researchers explore solutions to the world’s most complex problems, they need trusted insights and analytics. Best-in-class research allows your team to make breakthrough discoveries and accelerate brilliant ideas.

Watch our 20-minute webinar, How to Optimize Your Think Tank, to learn leading practices on efficiently managing workflows and transforming research into actionable insights. Discover how to stay at the forefront of innovation and confidently educate leaders on ways to make a meaningful impact.

You will learn how to:

  • Gain new perspectives on innovations, research papers and non-patent literature by analyzing them within the global IP landscape.
  • Activate research discovery solutions that strengthen researcher collaboration.
  • Facilitate internal knowledge transfer and harness the value of your institutional knowledge.
  • Continuously build your Think Tank’s reputation for world-leading research and breakthrough innovations.