On-demand Webinar

How to Build the Best Campus App

No "one size fits all": Hear how two universities built unique digital campus experiences.

Dave Hyman
Product Manager
University of San Francisco
Joseph Namey
Assistant Director
Enterprise Applications at the University of North Florida
Improve student engagement by leveraging a campus engagement platform to deliver unique, tailored digital experiences across the campus community. Learn how the University of North Florida and the University of San Francisco used campusM to deliver creative extensions to reach and impact their students, staff and alumni using our Application Extension Kit.
When it comes to delivering an engaging digital campus experience, there’s no “one size fits all.” In this webinar Dave Hyman, Product Manager at the University of San Francisco, and Joseph Namey Assistant Director, Enterprise Applications at the University of North Florida, share how they use the campusM student engagement platform’s Application Extension Kits to:
  • Improve access and accessibility
  • Enhance the user experience for students, staff and alumni
  • Create custom features that meet their student population’s unique need