Getting analysis and interpretation for your biological data quickly and simply with MetaCore

Carolyn Finch
Solution Consultant
Oliver Clack
Life Science Product Specialist

Understanding disease at the molecular level requires considerable resources for data collection and analysis. To deliver biological insights quickly and simply, MetaCore, a Cortellis solution™, provides high quality, high trust systems biology content together with easy-to-navigate functionality. Whether you are looking for biomarkers, targets, or investigating drug mechanisms of action, you can save time analyzing and interpreting your results using MetaCore.

Uniquely, MetaCore delivers:

  • 100% manually curated and validated interactions and pathways – to feel confident that you are generating your hypotheses based on reliable information
  • Multi-omics analysis and comprehensive knowledge mining in one place – to see different data types side by side for a deeper understanding
  • Molecular interactions are defined by mechanism, directionality, and effect – so that you can truly understand up- and downstream effects

In our webinar, we demonstrate how using MetaCore is helping academic institutions increase their productivity and accelerate discovery research.