Discover Clarivate Chemistry Research: Early Look Webinar

Director of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotech Solutions
Senior Content Manager

As businesses around the world race to accelerate the pace of innovation, chemistry R&D professionals are experiencing more pressure than ever to rapidly launch new products, understand the nuances of the competitive landscape, confidently identify whitespace, quickly and accurately evaluate chemical innovation novelty, and share findings with colleagues up and down the organization.

With the aim of empowering research chemists to be successful in this new environment of rapid innovation, we’re proud to introduce Clarivate Chemistry Research – a new insight-oriented tool developed in concert with the user community that automates key R&D research tasks, intelligently prioritizes result sets, and provides faster and more accurate answers to critical innovation questions.

Unlike traditional patent research platforms or chemistry databases, Clarivate’s new solution combines gold-standard patent content with scientific literature, leveraging in-house IP expertise and cutting-edge AI technology to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Listen to the On-Demand webinar now to learn more about how Clarivate Chemistry Research can give you more time back in the lab.