Demystifying patent analytics in the boardroom

Ed White
Director, IP Analytics Services
Vashe Kanesarajah
Director, Client Advocacy - Intellectual Property
Clarivate Analytics
Mark Markley
Services Delivery Consultant
Clarivate Analytics
Interpreting and understanding the patent landscape for a given technology or industry is essential for commercial IP teams and R&D functions to inform strategic decision making, product investments and research direction. However, the term “patent landscape” has become generalized over the last 15 years and the true definition of such an analysis has become subject to interpretation.
In this panel talk, we will discuss an analysis on Cannabinoids patent filings which will soon be published by Derwent as a case study; using our research as a framework for a wider discussion. Cannabinoids are an active innovation area for both established multi-national patent filers as well as new entrants, as the legalization and decriminalization trend for cannabinoids increases.
Our discussion will focus on:
  • The patent landscape process, it’s purpose, the benefits and why it’s critical to business strategy decision support
  • Different use cases for landscape analysis and what to look for to make it easy to use
  • Its use as a process for identifying emerging trends and key players in the market and sources of innovation
  • How to identify competitive advantage opportunities for R&D and patent investments and identify potential targets for acquisition or partnership
  • Where patent landscaping is headed – its audience, new models, and future directions