On-demand Webinar

Defining the future using next generation IP intelligence solutions

Rohit Gole
Principal Consultant
With the continued growth in intellectual property and related innovation data, how confident are you that your intelligence tools are delivering the insights you need to make the right IP decisions? Can these tools give you an accurate picture of your technology domain, competitive activity and emerging threats?
By combining enhanced IP data with powerful search technology, next generation tools make it easy for the world’s IP and business executives to find actionable insights and make higher confidence R&D, IP and business decisions
Access this webinar where we have covered the following topics:
  • Today’s challenges for data-driven, innovative organizations such as how to bring innovation to market faster.
  • How can you sharpen your competitive edge by including IP data in your analyses and workflows?
  • What critical insights can you gain by correlating patent, trademark, litigation, non-patent literature, firmographic, and proprietary 3rd party data?
  • The Clarivate way – Close the confidence gap in your IP research and analysis