On-demand Webinar

Cleared for takeoff – Taking advantage of CHIPS Act funding to catalyze research enterprise transformation

Scott Winslow
Principal, Academic & Government Consulting

In any conversation regarding academic research, university leaders are sure to make some variant of the following remark, “I wish we had more funding for scientific research.” For research leaders in the U.S. willing to take a proactive role in mobilizing action on their campuses, there is a realistic chance of this perpetual fantasy coming true, thanks to the provisions of the recently passed $280 billion CHIPS Act.

Our early conversations with Vice Presidents of Research regarding the CHIPS Act have revealed an underappreciation of the transformative nature of this legislation – there is a feeling that while the dollar amount is large, this is just another government procurement package. However, that complacency may be a self-fulfilling prophecy for those on the sidelines. Our analysis and review of the package has identified that every institution can find additional funding through one of its provisions if they are focused and creative.

In this webinar, Clarivate experts share a strategic framework to turn these funding wishes into reality.

Watch the recording to better understand the scope and breadth of the CHIPS Act and the three critical actions required to develop and launch a CHIPS action plan:

  • Complete a research portfolio assessment
  • Map the university’s research strengths and deficits
  • Create a tactical project plan