Biotech set for good start to 2021

By Mike Ward, Global Head of Thought Leadership

Investments in biopharma hit record highs while R&D activity and deal-making remain robust

Biotechs have fared better in 2020 than companies in many other industries. Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, biopharma companies have been able to raise record sums of capital, conclude biopartnering deals, launch new medicines, minimize the impact on clinical trial activity, while mobilizing its R&D resources to tackle COVID-19. In our new executive brief we look at the main trends, challenges and drivers of change the biotech industry has faced in 2020.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • What has the biotech industry managed to raise from both public, corporate and private sources?
  • Which asset classes and therapeutic areas have attracted the most investment?
  • Who are the most prominent investors?
  • Which countries have raised the most funding for their innovations?
  • What funding has gone into virtual care?
  • How has IPO investment faired?
  • What type of mergers and acquisitions are typically taking place?
  • What is the climate for biopartnering?
  • What trends and incentives are driving commercialisation transformation?