Assessing research topics and proposals: an IP perspective

June 2020

Rohit Gole
Senior Consultant, Derwent

Discover how best to identify research topics that fit market/industry requirements and how to assess novelty of research topics.

Academic and research institutions have specialized facilities and talent to support industrial development. With these institutions facing a greater risk due to funding cuts, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on the most relevant topics for research. Funding agencies review research topics for originality and its likelihood to yield positive results. An original idea increases the chances of generating high quality inventions for protection, which can be exploited commercially through the patent system to create more revenue for the university.

Who will benefit from the webinar:

  • Senior researchers
  • Faculty members or technology managers
  • Heads of research or graduate studies
  • Head of IP department
  • Technology transfer professionals
  • Program managers

Topics covered:

  • How to identify research topics that fit market/industry requirements
  • How to assess novelty of research topics
  • Tips on assessing research projects that are most likely to yield positive results for your institution
  • Explore the role of Derwent Innovation, our leading patent database, in identifying and assessing research topics