On-demand Webinar

Africa Libraries: Discover O'Reilly for Higher Education

Helping your tech teams stay ahead of what’s next

Peg Knight
Senior Product Manager, ProQuest

During this session, you’ll hear from Peg Knight, Sr. Product Manager at ProQuest, part of Clarivate about the O’Reilly platform and how easy it is to use.

As we walk you through the content highlights you’ll learn:

  • How O’Reilly for Higher Education enables library users to explore expertly curated resources from world-renowned technical innovators and corporate leaders in a modern digital learning ecosystem.
  • What makes O’Reilly for Higher Education ideal for helping students advance their technical skills, develop business acumen, and prepare for future careers.

In addition, you’ll discover how O’Reilly brings your users anytime, anywhere access to:

  • 50,000+ essential ebooks from more than 200 publishers
  • Over 4,100 on-demand courses – helping users develop skills for the most most-in-demand tech roles
  • More than 30,000 hours of video – good for the visual learner
  • 2,500+ audiobooks – good for users on the go