Advanced patient segmentation strategies for today’s personalized markets

One Disease; Many Patterns

Whether positioning a drug effectively for a trial, launch, or market expansion, the risk of an inaccurate or incomplete view of patient cohorts has far-reaching implications.

Risks of inaccurate or incomplete patient profile

  • Diminished clinical efficacy of a therapy, especially in real-world settings
  • Messaging ineffectiveness to physicians and patients
  • Challenging reimbursement negotiations with payers
  • Misallocated field resources of a salesforce
  • Opportunity cost with slower than predicted adoption
  • Unrealized patient outcomes by missing segments with high barriers to treatment

Pharmaceutical teams are acutely aware that sub-populations vary greatly by disease-specific and environment factors, behaviors, treatment pathways and a host of other attributes.

The challenge is to determine how many significant patient sub-populations are present within a single disease, and which populations can be most effectively reached, using what approach.

Often, there are more significant variations between patient subpopulations than pharmaceutical teams initially suspect.