A study of energy in transition

The role of research and innovation in the world’s shift to sustainable energy sources

Scientists agree that a third of the projected world population could face un-livable conditions by 2070, if the current rate of global warming persists.¹

If the world is to achieve net zero by the middle of this century and secure a livable earth, efforts to implement sustainable energy need to be accelerated. This acceleration is partially dependent on overcoming an inherent information gap – between the ambition of governments and corporations and the concrete actions undertaken. The ecosystem of capital investment for renewable energy needs information on not just desire and ambition, but measures of actual outcome and capability.

To help fill this gap, Clarivate developed a new data collection process to assess research and innovation for sustainable energy sources. The process harnesses the power of industry-leading research, patent and patent enforcement data.

Within our special report, A study of energy in transition, we look at the relationship between global research and innovation in the roll out and development of sustainable energy sources. We identify the gaps that exist today along with trends and needs of further research concentration, while looking at where capabilities lie, by sustainable energy source and geography.


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¹FT, “Climate change could bring near un-liveable conditions for 3 bn people,” Nov 2021