A new paradigm: A lifecycle approach to IP management

Rupert Mayer
Executive Product Evangelist
Jill Power
Product Manager
Annya Dushine
Solutions Architect

As IP portfolios expand in size and strategic importance, so does the challenge to manage them well. Manual processes, disjointed data and siloed systems make IP management a complex, time-consuming burden. However, a lifecycle approach to IP management can transform it from an administrative millstone to an efficient driver of business value.

In this on-demand recording, our IP experts discuss how an integrated, lifecycle approach to IP management can remove friction to facilitate operational excellence, increase collaboration within the IP ecosystem, and generate data-based insights for improved decision-making.

Topics include:

  • The current state of IP management and why hyper-specific tools hinder productivity and operational excellence
  • A new model of IP management that integrates capabilities and resources across the entire IP lifecycle
  • Cloud-based solutions that are disrupting traditional docketing tools and paving the way for faster innovation, easier collaboration, and cost savings
  • Cloud-based capabilities that IP professionals can use to enhance their current IP management software