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Transform your IP function

Overburdened team members? Need to increase operational efficiency? Want to improve your IP data quality or reduce costs?

Creating a modern and efficient IP management function is a complex and vital undertaking. Our team of experts will partner with you to understand your goals and identify how to best align your IP management operations to achieve them.

Our methodology is to focus on the best practices of four key areas: People, Processes, Information, and Technology. Each engagement is customized to best suit your needs.

We focus on four key areas

  1. Maximize the value of your people
    Place the right people on the right tasks to improve productivity. We help you benchmark staffing levels and structure against peers. Plus, identify where extra resources or skillsets are required.
  2. Increase process efficiency
    Uncover ways to reduce costs and boost team productivity. We help you evaluate current processes for logic and consistency. After, we identify opportunities to streamline complex processes.
  3. Ensure accurate information
    Leverage our team to evaluate data integrity. We help you identify opportunities to support strategic decision making.
  4. Optimize technology systems
    Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing systems. Our team helps you discover opportunities for digital transformation and automation.

Three phases of an IP Diagnostic engagement


  • Understand your key objectives.
  • Determine where to focus and identify any challenges.
  • Define scope, methodology and deliverables.
  • Plan on-site activity.


  • Gather data on-site about staffing, technology and processes.
  • Define workflows, procedures, interdependencies, systems and security/quality measures.
  • Engage stakeholders and conduct interviews, observational analysis, contextual inquiry and time-motion studies.


  • Review and analyze data. Document strengths and weaknesses of your current operations.
  • Provide recommendations on process and workflow improvements and use of services and technology.
  • Deliver reports to aid discussion and collaboration, and to build solutions for your organization’s pain points.

What your final report includes

Current state

We summarize the current state and structure of your IP operations and identify the impact it is having on your organization.

Goal state

We outline a recommended solution and what changes need to be made for you to achieve your organization’s objectives.

Solution timeline

We provide a roadmap to support your internal change management needs including what steps to take and when to implement improvement across the four pillars.

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