Forecast Application

Advanced financial modeling for better IP budgeting

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Real value from real-time data

Intellectual Property costs are complex and constantly changing. Managing budgets and making informed decisions efficiently requires accurate and up-to-date IP cost data.

The Forecast Application is an advanced, secure, and easy-to-use tool that allows you to more accurately track and predict the costs of prosecutions, filings, renewals, and fees – across the entire patent, trademark, and design portfolio.

Why choose the Forecast Application?

  1. Forecast and control costs
    Accurately and quickly predict IP costs across all jurisdictions with automated report generation. Intelligently control IP expenditure, avoid exceeding budgets, and identify opportunities to save money. Negotiate better with transparent average market rates costs and PTO fees.
  2. Enhance decision making and scenario modeling
    Accurate, up-to-date information makes it possible to compare multiple filing and maintenance strategies. Easily identify opportunities to save money with alternate filing strategies. Integrate with your IP management system to increase the accuracy of your data.

Core features

Whole portfolio support

Forecast supports patents, trademarks and designs in a single forecasting solution that covers all aspects of your IP portfolio.

Up-to-date market rates

Speed up processes by collecting and validating PTO charges and average global rates through direct access to live market rates.

Flexible configuration

Forecast by jurisdiction and filing behavior, by IP lifecycle, and fiscal year. Save and combine forecasts from different cost centers. Customize law and cost data. Easily regenerate quotes on fresh input and export to Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF.

Powerful reporting options

Featuring more than fifty standard reporting options, Forecast provides annual, quarterly or monthly reports, renewal reports, advanced scenario building, single family reports, summary overview, PCT national filing, and customized reports.

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