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Over 40,000 users at the world’s most innovative organizations use Derwent Innovation to maximize R&D outcomes, strengthen protection of their most important inventions, and proactively manage risk.

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Better decisions start with better insights.

As the volume of global patent data continues to expand, finding the right insights to answer critical innovation questions is becoming more challenging.

With enhanced patent data, powerful search technology and AI-powered analytics, Derwent Innovation helps R&D and IP professionals cut through the noise to make faster, higher confidence decisions.

Results you can trust, at every stage of the innovation life cycle

  1. Find the most accurate answers to critical IP questions
    From patentability to invalidity, powerful search technology and enhanced patent data combine to deliver results that are both more relevant and comprehensive.
  2. Close the confidence gap in your FTO decisions
    A single connected workflow lets IP professionals find the most relevant results, see the remaining life of each patent, spot global litigation activity, and review in-depth litigation case data for higher confidence FTO decisions.
  3. Mitigate threats and protect business-critical IP assets.
    Identify and evaluate threats quickly with document monitoring, trusted legal status information, grant or lapse prediction, and correlated litigation activity.

Close the confidence gap in your patent research

Capture deeper insights with correlated patent data and proprietary content

  • Global Patent Data: search cleansed, corrected, and normalized full-text patent data from 75 jurisdictions
  • Derwent World Patents Index: find more relevant patents and review results in less time using editorially-enhanced global patent data
  • Darts-ip Global Patent Litigation Case Data: Identify if a patent is involved in litigation and see case details from 140 jurisdictions
  • Scientific Literature: Explore non-patent publications from over 34,000 journals spanning 254 subject categories

Evaluate potential risk and impact with predictive metrics

  • Compare patents using predictive metrics: powered by machine learning using historical outcomes across 150+ variables
  • Accurately evaluate a patent’s remaining life and probability of early lapse (or grant) for higher confidence FTO decisions
  • Evaluate how influential a patent will be in its technology domain with citation prediction

Stay up to date on the latest publications and changes in status

  • Automatically monitor patents for changes in legal status, reassignment, new citations, and more
  • Customize monitoring to match your needs: by event type, document type (patent or literature), geographic region, and notification frequency
  • Monitor emerging technologies and maintain search projects with alert notifications when new records matching your criteria are available

Powerful search engines designed for both IP and R&D users

  • Build focused search queries using 300+ standard fields and Boolean commands to locate the most relevant publications
  • Capture highly relevant results using an invention description or free text input with AI-powered SmartSearch
  • Focus on a specific technology category using DWPI 26,000+ codes that categorize patents based on novelty and application

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