Pharma product launches demand real world marketing data inputs

Authors: Matt Arnold, Principal Analyst and Ben Katz, Principal Digital Strategist

Excerpt from DRG Digital’s “Launch Planning in a New Customer Reality” eBook – click here to read the rest of the eBook or watch the webinar.

The most disruptive technological trend in healthcare marketing today doesn’t involve sensors, wearables, implantables or ingestables. It doesn’t demand staggering investments of time and resources on leap-of-faith innovations that may not wow payers or providers. Rather, it can tell you exactly what will wow your customers, and when and where to tell them about it.

This disruption is the data revolution that is transforming how marketers model their audiences, map the customer journey and ultimately launch their products.

The emergence of new and more powerful ways to mine patient and physician-generated search, social and digital behavioral data promises to deliver valuable insight into customer needs and pain points, and the digital touchpoints through which brands might best reach them.

Customer-centricity is the holy grail of modern marketing, and it’s an especially urgent challenge for pharma marketers preparing for product launch. The gradual shift in incentives from volume to value, coupled with the rise of the ACO model, has put enormous pressure on hospitals, health systems and providers to better engage patients, in turn creating opportunities for pharma to facilitate this through provision of patient support and other services.

Meanwhile, with patients taking an increasingly large role in making decisions about their health, it’s ever more vital that marketers understand their unmet needs and where they live online. Hard-pressed payers and time-crunched HCPs want support from pharma, but understanding and addressing the friction points in their practices requires going beyond the traditional claims and survey data.

Equipped with real world marketing data, launch brands can forego the creation of static customer journey research and instead focus on real-time customer experience intelligence; moving from lock-and-leave-it planning to iterative decision-making and ROI-optimization; from a world in which customers see your brand as merely a product advertised to one in which your brand becomes a valued partner in health.

Strategic launch imperatives informed by real world marketing data


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