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Easily determine the valuation of life sciences assets.

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Solution partner: Xplico

Access valuation of life sciences assets through the combination of expert consulting services and an easy-to-use, flexible valuation tool with integrated, powerful assessment and analysis features. Gain confidence in the analysis and documentation for your strategic decisions around the most valuable projects in which to invest and the optimal deal terms when partnering. Supporting more than 100 companies, Xplico built the tool based on their expertise and experience in the life science industry, to support project valuation, partnering, portfolio management, funding, company valuation, and acquisitions and sales of assets or enterprises.

Access critical information for project and portfolio decisions.

Use the structured process to access answers for all your relevant questions, identify the areas for improvements and determine where assumptions need further justification. Start with a simple case and then add detail and complexity as the process develops. Compare projects to identify and focus on the most valuable projects in your portfolio.

Quickly build presentations using the powerful analysis features and up-to-date outputs. Because of the intuitive, user-friendly interface, new users with limited training can rapidly learn the system. Utilize the system’s flexibility to easily add or change assumptions, such as adding new partners or changing the simulation period, and the system automatically updates the outputs.

Avoid the risk of errors due to wrong links and formulas, last-minute changes to the model or lack of time for error checking. Xplico Evaluator gives you full transparency and enables you to follow calculations from A to Z (no black box).

Model the development risk by defining probability trees. Consider market risks by running sensitivity and scenario analyses.

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