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Solution partner: Copyright Clearance Center

Break down inefficiencies caused by information silos, reveal connections and drive innovation with the RightFind®  Navigate search-and-discover solution from the Copyright Clearance Center. Access licensed content from Cortellis, Web of Science, publicly available data sources and internal proprietary information, all integrated through an open ecosystem of knowledge tools.

Inform your research with relevant insights and tools.

Eliminate data silos to increase awareness of content resources and maximize the value of your digital information assets with flexible, prebuilt data connectors that enable fast, secure, seamless access to content and data, using an integration approach that meets your organization’s unique needs. 

Explicit and implicit personalization settings provide the flexibility to personalize the search experience at the user or organization level to fine-tune the precision of knowledge workers’ search results. Explore information relationships with semantically enriched, dynamic visualizations to explore new information relationships, including incorporation of MeSH subject terms. 

Perform aggregated searches using a single information retrieval interface that displays the most meaningful content and data to users and enables connections across multiple data sources.For example, when a research scientist searches for an indication, results that include drugs would be more likely to appear and would display in a uniform way regardless of data source. 

Harness the flexibility to integrate additional data at any time using the best integration approach based on user needs, licensing and technical options.   

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