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Simplify your big data integration and create new insights by bringing together disparate data sources on a single platform. Achieve enterprise data integration, including data from Cortelis, Web of Science, and public sources, to fully capitalize on data mining and knowledge discovery throughout the R&D life cycle: accelerate drug discovery, gain in-dept insights into real world evidence, optimize clinical trial research, and fast-track your go-to-market plan. Armed with a powerful semantic search engine and intuitive interface, DISQOVER enables decision-makers, researchers and study designers to gain insights into market trends and competitor activities in a streamlined and efficient way.

A data integration platform for efficiently gaining insights into market trends.

Import, transform and integrate data from different sources without extensive coding. Gain insights based on comprehensive source material, including internal data, Cortellis, WoS and public data.

Easily perform analytical, explorative, or collaborative searches regardless of your level of expertise. Avoid information overload and underlying complexity with interactive data journeys and visualizations and comprehensive visual dashboards.

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