Computational Biology Methods for Drug Discovery (CBDD)

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Provided by: Clarivate

Let your scientists focus on drug discovery instead of building computational tools with the Computational Biology Methods for Drug Discovery (CBBD) program by Clarivate Consulting Services, which is focused on the implementation of advanced state-of-the-art approaches for network and pathway analysis of OMICs data – bringing together OMICs data, pathway and network knowledge databases and tools for OMICs data analysis.

Inform your research with relevant insights and tools.

Gain access to the best systems biology approaches, including many of the most important methods developed for network analysis of OMICs data over the past 10 years.

Leverage algorithms that have been implemented in the convenient, well-supported R package, which can be easily applied to networks and pathways represented in standard formats.

Maximize utility of internal and external network/pathway information resources, and increase the value of OMICs data analysis using a range of network methods.

Benefit from a collaborative source of OMICs data and analysis.

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