Business Development Analyzer

Manage portfolios in real-time with daily updates on the global drug landscape.

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Provided by: Clarivate

Manage your portfolio of internal assets or manage assets of interest for licensing/partnering and compare those assets to the external drug and clinical development landscape, as that landscape changes daily. Create projects to track your assets and compare those assets to other drugs in development or on the market, with their sales and forecasted sales. With built-in access to the Indication Prioritization Pipeline, also developed by Clarivate, make predictions using machine learning algorithms of the best association of an asset to thousands of diseases.

Access critical information for business development decisions.

Create a portfolio project with all internal assets and any external assets to compare to the competing and ever-changing external landscape. Measure internal assets against predictions of each phase of development for external assets, overall development timeline and success rates of each phase and regulatory approval.

Generate licensing and partnering projects of early-stage and/or late-stage assets, with a dynamic view of the drug pipeline and clinical development status. For late-stage assets, contrast analyst consensus forecasts.

Evaluate assets of interest using Clarivate’s Indication Prioritization Insights pipeline within Business Development Analyzer to predict the diseases most relevant to the asset. For business development professionals, evaluate multiple disease potentials for an asset to support valuation/due diligence for in-licensing or out-licensing.

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