Citation Laureates 2021

Citation Laureates
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지난 Citation Laureates를 확인해보세요.

Clarivate Citation Laureates - John F. Hartwig

John F. Hartwig

Henry Rapoport Chair in Organic Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Christopher B. Murray

Christopher B. Murray

Richard Perry University Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Moungi G. Bawendi

Moungi G. Bawendi

Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Taeghwan Hyeon

Taeghwan Hyeon

SNU Distinguished Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul; also, Director of Center for Nanoparticle Research, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Seoul

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Yusuke Nakamura

Yusuke Nakamura

Director, Cancer Precision Medicine Center, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo; Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo, Tokyo; and, Emeritus Professor, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Huda Y. Zoghbi

Huda Y. Zoghbi

Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Molecular and Human Genetics, Neurology and Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, and Founding director, Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX; also, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Jack L. Strominger

Jack L. Strominger

Higgins Research Professor of Biochemistry, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Pamela J. Bjorkman

Pamela J. Bjorkman

David Baltimore Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Stephen W. Scherer

Stephen W. Scherer

Director, the Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG),The Hospital for Sick Children and Director, McLaughlin Centre, the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Jerry A. Hausman

Jerry A. Hausman

John and Jennie S. MacDonald Professor of Economics, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Peter Zoller

Peter Zoller

Professor of Physics, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck, and Scientific Director, Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Innsbruck, Austria

Clarivate Citation Laureates - † Shoucheng Zhang

† Shoucheng Zhang

J.G. Jackson and C.J. Wood Professor of Physics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Anton Zeilinger

Anton Zeilinger

Full Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Vienna, and Scientific Director, Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Clarivate Citation Laureates - James A. Yorke

James A. Yorke

Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, United States

Clarivate Citation Laureates - Eli Yablonovitch

Eli Yablonovitch

Professor and James and Katherine Lau Chair in Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA United States

† Deceased

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