Rimsys Medtech Regulatory Information System

Rimsys is bringing regulatory order to the medtech industry.

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Solution partner: Rimsys

The Rimsys Regulatory Information Management (RIM) Platform digitizes and automates regulatory activities, freeing teams from inefficient administrative work, and helping them confidently monitor and stay ahead of global regulatory affairs and secure medical device regulatory compliance.

Direct integrations with Clarivate Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence allow regulatory professionals to keep on top of constantly changing regulatory standards for medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and medical software all across the world. Together Rimsys and Clarivate simplify your regulatory affairs management so you can accelerate market clearance for new devices, conduct risk assessments, and quickly respond to regulatory changes.

Maintain compliance and increase approval rates.

More than 200,000 medical device regulatory documents updated daily with summaries in English that have been translated by regulatory professionals. 

With Rimsys’s regulatory information management system, you can centralize your regulatory data and organize it by each product’s SKU. Regulatory submissions, registrations and selling markets, General Safety and Performance Requirements, UDI, and standards management are all easily stored and accessed on a single platform.  

Simplify product registrations with access to medical device regulations by country, templates, and electronic regulatory submissions. Integrations with CRM and ERP systems make it easier to monitor and know selling status across the organization. Maintain medical device regulatory compliance with expiration, standards and regulatory monitoring. 

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