Qlucore Omics Explorer

Powerful and flexible omics data analysis and visualization in the context of high-quality biological systems content

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Solution partner: Qlucore

Advance your discovery research with faster, precise analysis through the powerful combination of Qlucore Omics Explorer and MetaCore, a Cortellis solution. Qlucore Omics Explorer’s bioinformatics software delivers data analysis and visualization instantly using MetaCore’s high-quality, 100% manually curated drug development content, including comprehensive, validated pathway data. The tools are so easy to use that you can easily interpret and explore your multi-omics data, so complete and accurate that you can put them in the optimal biological context with confidence.

You no longer need to choose between speed and accuracy for your genomic data and pathway analysis

Because Qlucore Omics Explorer is so easy to use, you don’t need to be an expert in analysis to use it. This frees up your bioinformaticians for more complex projects and gives you the power to do your own analyses, in an instant.

Fast, simple and visual analysis of measured data using the high-quality scientist-curated information in MetaCore to support your wide range of omics research including RNA-seq pathway analysis, proteomic analysis, genome sequence analysis and others.

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