Pharmacovigilance Regulatory Monitoring Dashboard

Leverage a single source of truth for pharmacovigilance updates.

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Provided by: Clarivate

Easily identify regulatory changes in top regions and countries of interest using automated classification of the regulatory changes. Streamline pharmacovigilance alerting, commenting and knowledge sharing using this purpose-built, standardized tool developed by Clarivate. Receive daily alerts of changes from Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence and collaboratively assess the impact of those changes to your organization.

Maintain compliance and increase approval rates.

Be alerted of daily changes to regulatory information in Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence using the automated alert feature, and prioritize those alerts based on Coming into Force dates.

Provide access to a single source of truth for pharmacovigilance updates for all team members and use the collaboration tools to efficiently monitor changes and assess the impact of those changes. Use role-based access control to ensure that team members have the correct level of access within the system.

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