Kinase Knowledgebase

Utilize the largest archive of reported structure-activity data for protein kinases.

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Easily access data for protein kinases by integrating the Eidogen-Sertanty Kinase Knowledgebase (KKB) into inhouse databases. This archive of structure-activity relationship (SAR) data focuses on protein kinases and contains more than 1.96 million SAR data points on over 374,000 unique small molecule kinase modulators, curated from more than 9,400 journal articles and patents.

Drive discovery with advanced insights and tools.

Quickly assess potential activity and selectivity for all molecules in the KKB and obtain a broadened view of covered scaffold space for many patents, even if biological data are not available or reported. The optional integrated eScreen® QSAR models supplement experimental assay data with predicted activity data and selectivity analysis across 150 common kinase targets, and enumerated products from common kinase inhibitor synthetic schemes found in patents are incorporated into the database.

Stay up-to-date with the latest reported structure-activity data for kinase targets of interest. The data are released quarterly, with a growth rate of ~150 publications, 20-30K unique molecules, and 15-20K SAR data points per quarter. Customer-driven prioritization and our streamlined curation process ensure that the highest value data is added to the KKB in a timely manner.

Interface with the KKB data in different ways, depending on the application, using our flexible data access model. Easily merge data into other programs using customizable exporting options.

Navigate the knowledgebase with ease to find the data you want based on our extensive standardization, classification, and quality control of primary assay data. Then, use the data with confidence.

Access a comprehensive, reliable source of kinase data.

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