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Solution partner: Accencio

Guide strategic decision-making across R&D, patenting and licensing using the visual landscape of the molecular IP space delivered by Accencio®. Better understand the competitive space associated with a biological target, see how the molecular IP has developed over time and identify where competitors are particularly active. See the commonality at the substructure level across multiple different molecules, identify structures on which current research is focused and add in extra commercial data to go beyond the molecular.

Improve efficiency and increase asset value at every stage in the product lifecycle.

Access a growing list of pre-prepared interactive IP-GeoScape™ visualizations covering many different targets, available for fully independent use. The visualizations not only compile and deliver data but also provide actionable insights and specific next steps to further your strategic initiatives. Add private, unpublished and/or additional scientific and commercial data to our existing library options, with additional analysis and consulting also available.

Smartly design molecules that fall within areas not currently being explored through analysis of the occupied and unoccupied IP spaces. Discover new potential uses for existing compounds by revealing molecular relationships with molecules patented for other targets. If a particular biological target is not yet available via our library, it can be created, with whatever level of customization and analysis you need.

See where others have been and are working in the IP space, identifying areas of high and low activity to facilitate and guide strategic direction. Identify chemical space overlap – showing commonality at the substructure level across multiple different patented molecules, revealing potential opportunities for commercial licensing deals and partnerships.

Better understand the relevant IP space to improve intellectual property protection strategies. Show levels of (or lack of) commonality between unpublished molecules in development and already patented compounds to help make FTO work more efficient.

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