Indication Prioritization Insights

Generate predictions based on expertly curated analyses.

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Provided by: Clarivate

Ensure the success of your drug development program by systematically prioritizing indications at scale. Combine extensive evidence with advanced analytics and expertise to generate predictions.

Inform your research with relevant insights and tools.

Prioritize thousands of indications for a target of interest using advanced bioinformatics techniques combined with extensive molecular network, pathway, biomarker, disease, drug and drug target data. Evaluate associations and mechanistic relationships between the target of interest and diseases or patient subgroups. The result is a prioritized ranking of thousands of indications with disease scores, identifying the top indications.

Utilize assessments by a team of experts of the top candidates from the prioritized lists. The analysis includes reconstruction of a potential mechanism of action and R&D feasibility and commercial assessment of indications that have been identified. The outcome is a report document with a detailed description of the methodology and key findings.

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