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Saving patient lives and improving quality of life

This year’s Drugs to Watch™ list from Clarivate™ is made up almost entirely of personalized medicines, treatments targeted to a particular biomarker, ensuring greater efficacy and less precious time lost searching for a drug or biologic that will arrest or reverse the progress of disease.

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Introducing Drugs to Watch 2023

These 15 therapeutics are likely to achieve blockbuster status by 2027, per Clarivate analysis, or are novel drugs that, if green lighted, could be clinical and/or commercial game changers for the benefit of millions of patients worldwide.

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To identify this year’s Drugs to Watch list, we drew from expertise of over 160 Clarivate analysts covering hundreds of diseases, drugs and markets and 11 integrated data sets that span the R&D and commercialization lifecycle.

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Key trends

Among the major factors shaping the global pharmaceutical market in 2023 are increasing demand for biologics from Mainland China, the rise of biosimilars, progress toward personalized medicines and the urgency of addressing the diseases highlighted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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