On-Demand Webinar

Navigating China’s evolving innovation landscape

Bob Stembridge
Senior IP Analyst
Clarivate Analytics
Vasheharan Kanesarajah
Director of Customer Advocacy - IP
Clarivate Analytics
Jason Teng, phD
Potter Clarkson
China is the world’s major source of patent data today. Its recent growth rate in innovation has been phenomenal, making China critical to the global IP strategy of many organizations.
This webinar is essential for global intellectual property owners looking to understand the key challenges and opportunities when innovating in the region. Common questions around the integration and analysis of Chinese patent data in the search process will be answered during this action-packed session.
What topics will be discussed?
  • Results of the recent Chinese Top 100 innovators report
  • Key challenges and opportunities faced by international players
  • How to filter and analyze Chinese patent intelligence effectively
  • The impact of Chinese government policies and regulation on the innovation environment in China
  • The state of the litigation climate in China – what’s changing?