Accelerating innovation with results you can trust

Portfolio analysis and audit

Analyze your portfolio to locate patent assets that have the potential to generate licensing revenue.

Standard essential patent identification

Assess how essential a patent is to a technical standard.

Licensing opportunity analysis

Identify in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities.

Patent-to-product mapping

Identify potential infringing products for your patents.

Evidence of use and claim charting

Map target products against claims to demonstrate infringement.

Strategic prosecution

Assist claim amendments to capture potentially overlapping products.



Accelerating search and discovery for organizations worldwide

Monetize your Intellectual Property (IP) assets and develop licensing strategies

We use high-quality patent and non-patent data sources, including the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) and Web of Science, to provide an accurate and confidential service. Our search teams have a wealth of expertise – from patent agents, former examiners and patent attorneys to scientists, lawyers and engineers – to deliver comprehensive technical trend and competitive landscape analyses across a diverse range of industries.

Access competitive intelligence and technology trends, powered by industry-leading research solutions, including Derwent InnovationDerwent Data Analyzer and DWPI. Review published patents, pending applications and non-patent literature.

Novelty, patentability and prior art searches:

  • Higher patent grant rates
  • Lower patent prosecution fees
  • Clearer whitespace identification
  • More accurate Information Disclosure Statements (IDS)
  • Improved Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) hearing outcomes

Freedom to Operate (FTO) and validity searches:

  • Peace of mind around ‘build or buy’ decisions
  • Improved outcomes in litigation hearings
  • Reduced portfolio scrutiny by third parties
  • Better visibility of infringing patents in your portfolio
  • Lower probability of incurring heavy damages or licensing fees

Patent monitoring and alerts:

  • Use Derwent’s patent watch and profiling services,
  • Receive timely alerts to track changes in your patent landscape. This could range from a ‘Heads up’ for newly issued patents or new entrants
  • Identification of possible infringing patents

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