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The future of patent research is coming - February 2020.

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Intuitive, fast and easier than ever to discover the most relevant patent data—delivering a highly intuitive search experience loaded with powerful functionality and expanded global content.

What our customers are saying about the new Derwent Innovation

Intuitive design for users ranging from novice to pro

  • Expanded global coverage at a click
  • Easy look up to improve search workflow

AI enabled search, analytics delivering insight

Insights dashboard provides instant context to results.

Comprehensive coverage of enriched patent data

Tripling full text coverage to 75 authorities
Expanded global coverage into emerging regions
Further expansion of bibliographic data to over 150 authorities*
Enriched with searchable PDFs, English translations, drawings and more…

*inclusive of full text coverage

Access to unparalleled patent expertise

Derwent’s Patent Search team delivers complete, thorough and accurate results to corporations and law firms around the world. This level of intellectual capital is unrivalled – and is one of the many reasons why customers keep returning to Derwent for search projects that truly matter to their business and clients.

  • A modern and clean design with intuitive navigation to quickly and easily search and analyze patents 
  • Simple, fluid navigation for fast and confident results 
  • Data visualization, charts and predictive Insights 
  • Comprehensive global patent coverage with enriched data
  • A platform built for users from novice to pro  

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