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Successful drug development requires a fundamental understanding of a drug’s impact on a disease at the molecular level. When this information is sourced from multiple locations, considerable resources must be devoted to data collection and analysis. MetaCore, a Cortellis solution, delivers high quality biological systems content in the context of comprehensive, validated biological pathways, giving you essential data and analytics to avoid failed drug development and accelerate your scientific research. Regular updates to the data ensure you always have access to the latest information, freeing up your bioinformatics team to focus on more complex analyses.

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Curated data

MetaCore provides the core capabilities of precise pathway analysis, knowledge mining, simple bioinformatics and effective visualizations in a comprehensive, off-the-shelf package. Use high-quality, 100% manually curated biological pathway data from peer-reviewed literature to accelerate drug development by rapidly generating and validating hypotheses for novel biomarkers, targets and mechanisms of action.

“It’s very clear that the human curation behind [MetaCore] makes the information considerably more valuable.”

Dr. Guilherme Corrêa de Oliveira, Senior Researcher Fiocruz, Brazil’s foremost public health research institution