What's new with Derwent Innovation

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  • Modern and clean design with intuitive navigation to quickly and easily search and analyze patents
  • Simple, fluid navigation
  • Fast and confident results
  • Comprehensive global patent coverage
  • Application no longer opens in a popup.
  • Standard navigation bar at top with access to all areas of the system and user setting.

  • Footer provides sitemap and alternate method to get to every page

  • New contextual help provides in-app guidance and tours that will walk users through new or improved features

  • New integrated contextual help with extensive use of microcopy and tooltips to help guide users as to what to do on specific screens


  • Welcome screen for first-time users with option to take a tour and learn more about the product

  • Quick access to Smart Search and Publication Number search

  • Cards that clearly direct you to search forms and search history

  • Quick links to Derwent research guides so new users can understand how to complete popular research tasks


  • A Pendo tour will launch with what is new on this screen

  • Enhanced collection selection breaks the coverage into regions and shows you when a collection is fully or partially selected.

  • Enhanced Browse tools that help keep users in Innovation usage for classification lookups instead of Google. Specific enhancements include:
    1. Search for a code as well as keyword
    2. Ability to search a range of classification codes within a class
    3. Browse tools are now termed “Look Up” to be more explicit
    4. Keyword searching can now include Boolean operators and parentheses for more precise identification of classes to search in
    5. An alphabetical (A-Z) jump-to indicates those classes that are returned by the keyword or code search, for easier navigation through the hierarchy.
    6. Automatic selection of child and grandchild classes at all levels of the hierarchy, eliminating tedious check-boxing.