Chemistry innovation, accelerated.

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Clarivate Chemistry Research

The race to accelerate the pace of innovation is on across the globe, and chemistry professionals are experiencing more pressure than ever to do more with less.

Clarivate Chemistry Research – a new analysis tool developed in concert with community experts – empowers chemistry professionals to be successful in this new environment of rapid innovation. Clarivate’s new solution combines leading patent content and in-house IP expertise with cutting-edge AI technology to:

  • automate key research tasks
  • intelligently prioritize result sets
  • provide faster and more accurate answers
This is an easy and straightforward to use tool to get accurate relevant search results.

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  • Just type and go
    Quickly enter terms in the search bar for accurate, relevant results; no need for complex queries.
  • Leverage chemical structures
    Conveniently upload, draw, and/or modify standard and advanced chemical structures for finding the names of chemical compounds and their structure from embedded drawings in patent content.
  • Put synonyms to work
    Chemical name searching recognizes the names of chemical compounds throughout the text of the patent, including synonyms
  • Start with accessible, world-class patent data
    Clarivate Chemistry Research features patent content from the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI). Our editors review, analyze and enhance patents from global authorities, creating English summaries, clear titles, and abstracts covering the novelty, use and advantage of an invention.
  • Unlock chemistry patent content
    Our proprietary Derwent Chemistry Patents Index takes DWPI records to the next level by adding extended abstracts, generic and specific structures, linking substances with role, property, and more. Manual codes give more unique and relevant search results when compared to text searching IPCs.
  • Leverage a single source of truth for chemical substance structures
    Our chemistry editors have created a comprehensive chemical structure index of DWPI chemical patents by identifying and capturing known and novel chemical compounds from patent claims and descriptions, enabling more accurate searching and a cleaner, more relevant answer set.
  • Connect your patent intelligence ecosystem
    Start your chemistry patent search in Clarivate Chemistry Research and automatically import your records into Derwent Innovation for further investigation and analysis

Chemistry innovation, accelerated.

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