Chemistry innovation, accelerated.

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Clarivate Chemistry Research

The race to accelerate the pace of innovation is on across the globe, and chemistry R&D professionals are experiencing more pressure than ever to spend less time reading and more time in the lab.

Clarivate Chemistry Research – a new insight-oriented tool developed in concert with community experts – empowers research chemists to be successful in this new environment of rapid innovation. Clarivate’s new solution combines leading patent content, scientific literature, and in-house IP expertise with cutting-edge AI technology to:

  • automate key R&D research tasks
  • intelligently prioritize result sets
  • provide faster and more accurate answers to critical innovation questions
This new tool helps save time by combining a clear and user-friendly interface with Clarivate’s powerful patent data, scientific literature, and AI-enabled search. This makes it fast and easy to find relevant results.
Mathieu Bertin, Ph.D.

Manager, Artificial Intelligence Lab

  • Search, simplified
    Just enter terms in the search bar for accurate, relevant results; no need for complex queries.
  • Structure search
    Search by drawing or modifying chemical structures, in combination with keywords or alone.
  • Intelligent suggestions
    Receive additional keyword suggestions based on your entry.
  • Keyword control
    Further refine your search by including or excluding specific keywords.
  • Save it for later
    Easily save search strings for future reference.
  • A world-class, one-stop-shop for the data you need
    Evaluate chemical compound novelty with trusted data from Derwent World Patents Index and scientific literature citations.
  • Significant results first
    Review results quickly and easily, with patent and journal results presented together and sorted by relevance.
  • More like this
    Easily adjust your search strategy in real-time by rating result relevancy with a single click.
  • Who’s who
    Quickly assess activity of key players.
  • R&D hotspots
    Grasp areas of significant research activity and investment at a glance.

Chemistry innovation, accelerated.

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