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Derwent’s Patent Search team delivers complete, thorough and accurate results to corporations and law firms around the world.  This level of intellectual capital is unrivalled – and is one of the many reasons why customers keep returning to Derwent for search projects that truly matter to their business and clients.

Using patent and non-patent data sources of the highest quality, including the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) and Web of Science™, our customers are confident that the results we deliver will be underpinned by accuracy, confidentiality and professionalism from start to finish.

Turn information into powerful knowledge.
Turn information into powerful knowledge.

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Before you invest valuable time and fees in your next patent application, Derwent’s patent search analysts identify any existing prior art that contains similar inventions that could impact patentability, helping to ensure:  

  • Higher patent grant rates
  • Lower patent prosecution fees
  • Clearer whitespace identification
  • More accurate IDS filings
  • Improved PTAB hearing outcomes 

Validity Analysis

Uncover patents and prior art which could determine the validity of a granted patent.  The Derwent search team has partnered with many IP litigation firms and IP owners and their work has proven valuable in hundreds of patent litigation cases across various technologies. Our extensive domain experience, global reach and trusted data sources ensure 

  • Favorable litigation outcomes 
  • Reduced portfolio scrutiny by third parties
  • Better visibility of infringing patents in their portfolios

Freedom to Operate

Derwent’s search analysts assess the risk of patent infringement associated with a product or technology. Our results help you gain a better understanding of your patent rights, determine if you have the freedom to operate in a technology area and avoid potential risk of infringement, helping to drive:   

  • Peace of mind around “build or buy” decisions
  •  Favorable litigation outcomes
  •  Reduced portfolio scrutiny by third parties
  • Lower probability of incurring heavy damages or licensing fees 

State of the Art

Our search analysts have a broad range of technical domain expertise They are well-positioned to identify the prior art in a given field of technology by searching not only patents but also specific non-patent literature publications in the relevant field of art. 

Product Feature Clearance

Reduce infringement risk when introducing new products and product features in a new market  Derwent’s patent search analysts carefully and rigorously search, analyze and identify claims that may be problematic when bringing new features to market.

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