Case Study

Reinventing the role of patent analysis

How insight from patent intelligence can drive competitive advantage

Reinventing the role of patent analysis

The patent information space is at an inflection point. Accelerating growth in the volume of patents, technology convergence, changing roles, and the increasing complexity of business requests are making patent research more difficult – yet more critical – than ever before.

Download the interview with Joakim Isaksson, Business Process Owner for IP Analytics at Philips to learn how they stay ahead of the competition. You’ll also get an inside look at how they leverage actionable patent intelligence to enhance their ability to secure and protect valuable IP assets while keeping pace with the speed and complexity of business.

The interview provides insight into:

  • How Philips leverages patent intelligence to drive commercial decisions
  • The patent intelligence tools that are used by Philips
  • The evolving role of patent information professionals