What we measure

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From 14,000 organizations, we condense to the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators.



Our initial bar.

We assess every organization with more than 100 granted inventions in the last five years (and more than 500 filed in total) in the Derwent World Patents Index™.



The level of downstream impact an invention has on later patent applications from others. 

We measure the number of citations via the Derwent Patent Citations Indexto a company or institution over the last five years, excluding citations from themselves. 



Not every patent application submitted to a patent office proceeds to grant. 

Reviewing the last five years, we measure the proportion that do. 



The level of investment of a patent applicant in their invention, as tracked via the expensive process of pursuing protection more globally. 

We measure the proportion of inventions that were filed in all four of the key market patent offices of China, Europe, Japan and the United States. 

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